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Overwhelmed by the system bet table? In fact, we want to make it as easy as possible for our readers. And a system betting calculator Excel download is not even necessary. All it takes is an approach that balances the probabilities and risks. In other words, the odds and the chance of winning must balance each other out. In this regard, we would like to present a system betting strategy that has proven itself in the past. One thing should be revealed in advance about system bet tips: Such large combinations, with too many combinations, are rarely promising.

  • 2 out of 3: 66% hit rate
  • 2 out of 4: 50% must be correct
  • 3 out of 4: 75% correct tips are required
  • 3 out of 5: 60% is expected from the player
  • 4 out of 5: 80% must be achieved
  • 2 out of 6: 33% is enough for this tactic

System bet 2 out of 3: Slim and easy to implement

Even without a system bet calculator download, it is immediately clear that there are three combinations that can be fulfilled. But a system is only worthwhile if the smallest possible winning combination at least offsets the stake. Suppose we are playing the 2 out of 3 system with three quotes each showing a 1.80. If two tips are correct, we get a total odds of 3.24. This exceeds the number of our combinations (3) and is therefore perfectly suited for a mini station wagon.

In fact, we recommend the average odds of 1.80. Don’t forget: We’re only talking about three tips here. But what happens when all three bets are right? In this case, the 32.40 euros (at a bet of 10 euros per bet) are paid out three times over. The stake of 30 euros would be easily absorbed with 97.20 euros. Our conclusion: With odds of 1.80, we get our stake back if two bets come in. However, we make a decent profit if all three games end as desired.

System bet 2 out of 4: How does the 50% rule work?

System bet 2 out of 4

Well, so that two sports bets, with a total of six combinations, are enough for a win, we already need odds of 2.50. Because in this case we get a total odds of 6.25 with two correct picks – which exceeds our six combination bets. Assuming we bet 10 euros per bet (total stake: 60 euros) and only two sports bets are correct, we get paid out 62.50 euros. Use is safe! However, this time there are two more eventualities.

Of course, three out of four tips can still be correct. In this case, three combinations with 62.50 euros each work out. The payout would be 187.50 euros. Ultimately, of course, there is a chance that all sports bets will arrive. In this case, we get our 62.50 euros paid out six times. Consequently, we are happy about 375 euros. This example also makes it clear how system bet tips work at all.

System bet 3 out of 4: Perhaps the most popular system ever

Although 75 percent of the tips have to be correct, this is one of the most popular systems. Here is the advice in advance to place the system bet on 2-way bets. Again, a system betting calculator is not mandatory. Because in 3 out of 4 there are only four different combinations. With a bet of 10 euros per combination, the total bet would be 40 euros. Therein lies the key to success. We give the system bets explanation:

First: There are few bets. Second: One mistake is allowed. Third: Even with a minimum odds of 1.60 we are in the profit zone – if we win anything at all. Because three times the 1.60 results in a total odds of 4.10 – which outweighs the four combinations. If three tips are correct, we are paid almost 41 euros. If, on the other hand, all four selections are correct, which can happen with a quote of 1.60, we are paid 164 euros.

System bet 3 out of 5: Two mistakes are allowed!

The system bet calculator allows two errors here, but there are also ten individual combinations. And we always make sure that we are in the profit zone with the smallest possible payout. So in this case we have to use odds of 2.20. Because 2.20 x 2.20 x 2.20 equals 10.65. With that we have weighed up the ten combinations. Again we play with a stake of 10 euros per bet, so with a total of 100 euros.

If a combination with a total odds of 10.65 is correct, we are paid 106.50 euros. If even four selections are correct, the payout is immediately quadrupled: 426 euros. And if all bets have come true, we even get to almost 1,065 euros. Of course, it is also important to analyze at least three sports bets that have a corresponding chance with odds of around 2.20.

System bet 4 out of 5: Balancing security and risk

System bet 4 out of 5

The system bet 4 out of 5 is also very popular. Experienced tipsters can certainly achieve a high hit rate. And the combination of four odds still results in a substantial total odds that ultimately pays off. But from when? There are five individual tips in this combination. With a stake of 10 euros, we would get a total of 50 euros. To get odds over 5.00 on a four-way combo, we need a quote of 1.50.

If four tips are correct, we get paid just over 50 euros. We have reached our safety buffer. If we take even higher odds, we have made a profit with four correct numbers. Of course, it gets interesting when all selections are correct. Because in this case we get the 50 euros paid out five times and thus reach over 250 euros. We recommend the system bet on 2-way to increase the chances even more.

System bet 2 out of 6: the right choice for a tie?

If we assume that the tie has an average odds of 3.50 to 4.50, this is probably the right system bet. In our example, let’s assume that every draw is marked with a 4.00. So we would have 15 bets with a stake of 10 euros each – i.e. a total stake of 150 euros. However, the odds of two games (4.00 x 4.00) reach 16.00. The profit for two hits would therefore be 160 euros – 10 euros surplus.

If you have a good hand with the draws, you can calculate your winnings with this system bet just for fun. Because even with three correct draws, three systems also fit. Accordingly, we would be paid 480 euros. If four tips are correct, the sum increases directly to 960 euros. With five correct divisions of points, we get 1,600 euros. And if every selection is correct, the payout is 2,400 euros.

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