How to beat an online casino?

online casino

Do you feel like playing casino? You should be aware of one basic thing: The math is always in the casino’s favor (Nothing new, right?). In the gambling business, as in any other business, the goal is to win, but if no one wins in the casinos, then there will be no one to play.

Guaranteed winnings

The casino always wins – take it. The return percentage rate (RTP) at reliable casinos ranges between 95%-99.5%, depending on the type of game (slot, table, live game, etc.). There is no guaranteed strategy that will help you win always and in the long run, if someone claims otherwise, he, in our eyes is a liar. There might be exceptions, but we are a team of people with a lot of experience on casinos and we still don’t know of such a strategy… However, does one?

How to beat the online casino

If you use good bonus offers and choose slot machines with a high RTP, then you have a better chance of winning without breaking casino rules. In this case, the positive mathematical expectation of winning (PMO) is on the player’s side. This is exactly what our basic winning strategy is. That’s why bonus “hunting” has been quite popular lately.

Bugs in slot machines

Bugs in slot machines

Bugs in the system of major online gambling manufacturers are rare, but still, no one is insured. We are not talking about a significantly large software error – in this case, the casino cancels all winnings. This point is in the rules of all online casinos. Sometimes the slot machine may be more sensitive to a certain bet and give more winnings on it. If you find something like this, we advise you NOT to get greedy, but play moderately without attracting unnecessary attention. It is better to withdraw your money from the casino after each of your playing sessions.

Features of the software

Apart from the fact that slot machines have a nice design and exciting gameplay, they have one very important feature, namely a random number generator. This generator works equally in a real money game and in demo mode. This is also the basis of our strategy for choosing a “generous” online slot machine.

Recommendations and tips

Try the slot machine in demo mode. Test the game continuously, change bets and denominations, use the Max Bet button to change the cycle. Before switching to real money play, determine the “mood” of the slot (does it give, does it not give) and the sensitivity when changing bet and denomination.

In order to emerge victorious from your “battle” with the casino, you must select a slot machine that has collected enough money in the prize pool and is therefore “Hot” (Hot).

Use the casinos bonus offers to get the PMO.

Minimise your risk

We have gathered all the information that will help the player to reduce the risk of loss and consequently increase his probability of winning.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a reliable online casino with a good reputation that will undoubtedly pay your winnings. You can take a look at the list of the best online casinos here.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the casino and especially, regarding bonus money rollover and account verification. For the most peace of mind, verify your documents before making your first deposit. This way, you will be sure that you will not have any payout problems.

If you plan to play Blackjack or Roulette, do not take bonuses as only 10% of your bets will count as converted. Many casinos use this scheme; you bet €100 and they count you €10.

Having at least 100 bets in your account is important. It is recommended that if you are going to play at €1 for example, you have €100 – €200 in your account.

Don’t get carried away in depositing. It is extremely important that you do not put more money in your account than you have budgeted for. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to try and wipe out the loss. Don’t borrow money to gamble. The forums are full of people who have ruined their lives over a mosquito. Don’t be next, have a measure… stop on time… It’s not as hard as everyone says!

If you don’t want to think the job is “ordered” by the software, play “Live” games. There, apart from the bet limits set by the casino, there’s no one to stop you implementing your strategies. The main thing you need to know about roulette is that in the long game the casino will always win, the house edge is 2.7% even if you use the most widespread Martingale strategy.

You can try counting the cards on Blackjack. Of course, you need to find an online casino where the cards are shuffled by the dealer. Experienced players get an edge over the casino by counting cards. Some of them just sit in front of the monitors and count the cards, when the count reaches +10/+12 then they make a bet.

Bad advice or what not to do

Bad advice

Don’t go counting your losses. If you have set aside €200 for today and lose it, “swallow” the loss and stop. It’s better not to make an already crappy day, even more crappy (in most cases, that’s exactly what happens). Think about it, how many times is a person going to kill themselves (if that is their goal)? How many times has it happened to you? Analyze your mistakes and wait for another day.

If you’re going to play “thick”, don’t take the casino bonuses. If you are going to play with a few thousand why are you a few hundred euro winnings. These bonus offers at most impose limits on you for rolling bets etc.

Some people claim that chasing jackpots is the way to win at an online casino. Hmm! Of course, if you see a slot with a multi-million win it’s hard not to be tempted to do SOME spinning. Luck is luck, but as far as chasing the jackpot… Come on please.

Finally, to share something interesting: we recently had a player of ours who bought a good luck charm from some “wizard” on the internet for (watch out) 500 euros. WELL, NO! That’s enough folks, this is not serious… For players who spend more time in front of the computers looking for information on how to win money from a casino, sooner or later they will get “duped” by some sweet talker. There are these people selling all sorts of good luck souvenirs. Please don’t be so stupid.

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