System Betting Calculator: Which systems are recommended?

System Betting Calculator

Looking for a system betting calculator? Then it is certainly nice to find out which systematic bets are particularly worthwhile and which system bet tips are better to keep your hands off. The system bet 4 out of 5 is very popular.

But is this kind of tip even worth it? And why are 2-way preferable in the system bet? These questions deserve a detailed answer. We have dealt with this topic in detail. After a basic explanation of the topic, we would like to present the promising systems.

What is a system bet?

First of all, the system bet must be differentiated from the single and combination bet. The single bet is successfully completed when the event played out has occurred. In the accumulator bet, all selections must be correct. The system bet is somewhere in the middle. A system 2 out of 6 or 7 out of 8 can be played. The first number indicates the amount of sports bets that must be correct to win. The second digit represents the number of selected bets. The use is based on the number of available systems. With 2 out of 6, for example, there are 15 ways to achieve a correct combination. So now the selected bet would be multiplied by 15.

  • Single bet: A bet placed on a single event only
  • Combo bet: Multiple selections are bundled here, all of which must be correct
  • System bet: A predefined amount of bets must occur for a payout

How does a system betting calculator work?

a system betting calculator

A system bet calculator makes typing easier. Suppose we are playing in the 3 out of 4 system and would like to know in advance how high our potential payout will be. Because the betting provider often only shows the maximum profit here. And this occurs when all four selections are correct. However, individual system bet tips can be wrong and still be paid out. Let’s stick to our 3 out of 4 system, because there are only four possible combinations here. A system bet calculator can perform the following calculation on its own:

If we assume a stake of 10 euros per pick, we have a total stake of 40 euros. Let’s assume that every odds shows a 2.20. In this case, the overall odds of each combination of three are set at 10.65. If a bet is wrong, we still get paid out 106.48 euros (10 euros stake x 10.65 total odds). If all four tips are correct, four combinations, each with this amount, apply. The total profit is therefore 425.92 euros.

What are the advantages of the system bet?

The benefit is obvious. Even with a wrong selection, the bet, for example the system bet 4 out of 5, is won. Who hasn’t been annoyed because only one sports bet was wrong in a combination? Only in the case of the combination bet there is no payout in this case. Depending on the selected system, this is different here. By the way, success can be increased with the right bookmaker. Because the amount of the odds of course also decides on the potential payout.

Various testimonials from readers have reached us. This shows us that the system bet is very popular. Another factor is that it can be used at practically any bookmaker. Some even allow this for the bonus. This brings us directly to the next advantage. Suppose we use the 4 out of 6 system and use the betting bonus. Now we bet 10 euros each and have already invested 150 euros with the system bet. This makes it easy to meet the time limits of the welcome bonus and even find surebets.

Where does the system bet have its disadvantages?


The latter advantage is also a disadvantage at the same time. Depending on the system selected, there are various combinations. This increases the stakes very quickly. Conversely, this can affect profits. A combination bet 4 out of 6 with a stake of 10 euros each, i.e. a total stake of 150 euros, only pays out the combinations with four correct ones. However, had we bet the total on all six selections and been correct, the win would have been significantly higher.

In addition, some systems are very confusing. This is another reason to resort to a system bet calculator or odds calculator, where the individual ways to win are clearly broken down. Of course, all tactics have advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to the Martingale strategy and also to double bets. Beginners should not try the systems on the go. Although a system betting calculator app is available, the concept should be understood beforehand. It is also advisable to look at Asian handicap bets.

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